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Of Those Who Have My Admiration and Respect: Leah Vincent

This is the part of my blog where I talk about people who are not only great friends but people of the highest caliber. I write about them because they deserve to be honored and because it reminds me of the type of person I aspire to be.

Leah’s friendship isn’t one that I pursued on purpose. It was one of those happy surprises – one that you don’t expect but end up cherishing the most. I admired Leah from afar long before we became friends. But when we finally had the opportunity to spend time together, I discovered so much more about Leah that makes her the wonderfully strong and compassionate person she is.

There is one word beyond all others that best describes Leah: FIERCE. A force to be reckoned with, if there are two sides to an issue, I never want to be on the side opposite Leah. If she decides to do something, the world will stop spinning before she fails to accomplish it. As someone who is chronically indecisive and occasionally insecure, I marvel at Leah’s confidence and drive.

Leah took some time off from her career to be the greatest mom in the world to her 3 growing toddlers. Now that they’re all in school, she’s taken Kirksville by storm as the greatest new real estate agent in the biz. But Leah could do whatever she wanted – her charisma and determination would make her successful in any venture she chose to pursue.

Leah’s tough personality is balanced by her compassionate heart. She’s a woman who does it all but doesn’t forget the important things in the middle of it: her family and those close to her. Whether she’s taking calls late in the evening from real estate clients or volunteering in her kids’ classrooms, somehow she juggles all of the moving parts of her family and it’s pretty incredible to witness. From birthday parties to vacations, she is diligent about creating and capturing memories for her kids. She shuffles them to soccer, dance, gymnastics, softball, basketball, music lessons, etc. and while it can be a lot, the whole point is to give them opportunities so they can figure out who they want to be. But all of those activities don’t eliminate time spent hanging out at home, relaxing, and enjoying each others company. The easiest way to say it: Leah’s incredible mothering skills = #momgoals. 🙂

Leah’s service and compassion doesn’t end with her family.  She cares deeply about all of those around her. I am one of countless recipients of a meal thoughtfully prepared and delivered in a time of need. While she definitely doesn’t need extra things to keep her busy, she still finds time to be a blessing to others.

I joked recently that Leah was my biggest fan. There are certain things that I’m involved in and like most people, I often question my ability and relevance. Leah’s encouragement makes me feel like the greatest singer this side of the Mississippi. That’s just a random phrase, but really, her encouragement has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone in ways that have been rewarding and interesting.

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about some of the less serious aspects of Leah’s personality. Leah knows how to have a good time. She’s the best at it, actually. While she’s a pro at planning parties and organizing elaborate events, all you really need to have fun with Leah is some time and margaritas. If you’re really ambitious and brave, join her for a shopping trip. I think she’s secretly training for the world cup of shopping. Her family and friends like to joke that it’s an athletic event to shop with her, and maybe she went easy on me, but I’ve never had more fun shopping than I did with Leah.

Leah’s presence in my life is something that I will always treasure. And by all means, call her if you want to buy or sell a house!

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